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Senior Thesis

During a global pandemic, to help people be comfortable again, I came up with the idea to create prototype virtual, immersive museum experience.I designed this project to focus on art created by innovative and obscure artists who may otherwise be overlooked in more traditional museum experiences.


An immersive, virtual museum experience which allows the viewer to explore at their own pace 24/7. 


Room list

An immersee virtual museum has a total of seven different areas with unique designs. The visitor can either choose to take a tour or select their favorite area to visit.


Main Entrance

The Main Entrance is located in

the 1st level right at the front door of the building. There is unique animation

on the wall and doors that lead to Obscure Space and Artist Room.

Obscure Space

Obscure Space is located in the 1st level on the left of the Main Entrance.

This place shows an obscure exhibition about hand and textures. Visitors can interact with arrow keys on a screen to find their way to the next room. 

Moon Space

The Moon Space is located on the 2nd level by taking the west staircase from the 1st level. This space shows an animation of the distance from the Earth to the Moon.

Cylinder Room

The Cylinder Room is designed as a puzzle gallery where visitors can spend time to play a little game while enjoying artworks on the wall. This area is located on the 2nd level of the museum.

Zigzag Room

The Zigzag Room is similar to the Cylinder Room where visitors also need to answer questions in order to exit to the next area. This room presents different materials every week to create a more challenging game.

Artist Room

The Artist Room is located right at the Main Entrance. This room brings some popular artworks and paintings alive from impressionism to surrealism.

Dark Lobby

The Dark Lobby is an entertaining area where visitors can hang out and enjoy live music in the museum.

The live music changes every week.

This lobby is the only area which is located in basement of the museum.

Museum map

The museum has three levels to explore. The first and second level are for tour and exploration while the basement serves as and entertainment lobby.

2nd level

2nd floor.png

1st level

1st floor.png


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